development using pyrocms and bootstrap templates

Development of world class apps and websites.

Development is the service we provide for coding up your web site, building your next state-of-the-art app, or constructing your all important secure database. We go to huge lengths to make sure we make sure our code is valid and to research and use the best and the latest technologies.

No project is too big or too small at eigotec. We build everything from single page applications (SPA's), to large web sites with hundreds of products and pages. We also make sure your site is scalable so if you start off small, your site can grow with your company.

To get your completed app or web site on the web for the world to see you'll need two things. Firstly, a domain. A domain is your URL to your site (i.e You must first check if your domain is available, as you are competing against the rest of the world wide web for that name.

The second thing you'll need is hosting, a place to store your website files. We provide the best hosting for apps and websites which can fit any size of product.

Yes. We try and make it as easy as possible for you to manage your own site. We use Pyrocms (see below) for the easiest possible integration between your web site and your content. We provide full training in managing your site and we provide custom documentation tailored to your project.

E-commerce is a massive part of how people purchase their products and services in the twenty-first century. Almost every business could benefit from an e-commerce store, and we provide all the facilities for you to manage your own online store.

We provide various options for all clients, big or small and with all kinds of budgets, so get in touch now! to see what we can offer you.

We can build you almost any kind of app that will either plug in to an existing site, or be a stand alone app. We work with common API's to pull data from various locations, meaning obtaining the latest news, weather, stocks, movies reviews or pretty much any data can be done with ease, and presented in your app in an elegant and efficient way.

PyroCMS - Our chosen CMS

For the past two and a half years, PyroCMS has been our CMS (Content Management System) of choice for development. Its unique features and functions allow us to start every project with a blank canvas, allowing us to delivery quality sites everytime.

"...manage your own content including images and videos."

Clients can also use the CMS to build their own pages, post their own blog, and generally manage their own content including images and videos.

Later this year PyroCMS 3 will be released, which will be a massive upgrade for us and clients alike. We'll be able to do more with our sites, and you'll enjoy using a new, much simpler admin panel for your content.

bootstrap templates development

Responsive Web Design & Bootstrap

In an age where a large percentage of users come from portable devices, it's a high priority to make sure these visitors can use your web site as if they were using their laptop or desktop. To ensure their user experience we use the Bootstrap templates framework to make all our sites responsive. Bootstrap makes your web site or app available to anyone with any device, of any size.

"...saving you time and money"

Using Bootrap also enables us to take advantage of the many components Bootstrap provides. This is useful when building mock-ups or full products as it enables us to build quicker and more efficiently than conventional apps and websites saving you time and money.

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